The Power of Excellence

How To Be A Girl: 2022 program outline:

This year our theme is to help our girls “Find Their Voice”. To let go of the negative situations, friends, feelings or past situations that keep them from becoming the strong amazing women they will be! On the final day each girl will  present their completion of this sentence: “I am”  to the audience.

Sunday orientation programming: 5 Minutes of Fame: A group of  women from all walks of life will join us for “ 5 Minutes of Fame” where each woman will share with the girls their “Ah Ha! “ moment. The event in their life that lead to change. They will hear ideas, inspiration and hopefully realize the many professions that can lead to “finding your voice”

She-preneur! Entrepreneur the HTBG way! Lead by Radio Veteran and Artist Renee Taylor, the young women will have a chance to choose from 2 different items to make for sale on the final day. Girls will learn how to make soap and learn to express themselves through painting. The techniques used will show the girls that having a home business at their age can happen! How many different scents of soap are there? How do I create different styles in art? ?How do I keep an account of what I sell? Do I need a resale license? How old do you have to be to have one? How do I sell online?Step by step instruction and completion of product will happen during HTBG 2022!

HTBG Sports: 2022 is the return of Volleyball.   Coach McCann will introduce the sport of volleyball! Basic techniques, game rules and team competition will take place. Championship Coach Wendy McCann arrives from Michigan to coach and lead our girls!

The HTBG curriculum includes: classes in public speaking, creative writing, etiquette, financial literacy,  social media training, hair, makeup, walking, talking, Girl 101 (where do I shut off the water at my house in an emergency? What is shelter in place? ) All the essential tools for navigating the life of a girl. The girls also prepare for a final day fashion show and public speaking presentation where each girl will read their personal statement out loud to the audience.

Final Day Stage Presentation:

Professional hair and makeup artists prepare our girls for the final show! After being taught how to work a runway, our girls present three looks to the audience and this year will cap it off with completion of the sentence: “I am”. This sentence will represent who they are or what they strive to be. A professional photographer takes head shots of each girl   and copies will be emailed to the parents. Final achievement awards are presented as well. HTBG 2022 gifts: Every girl leaves with a backpack full of school supplies, female hygiene kits, various books for inspiration, a HTBG T-shirt and an Original Girl T-shirt. (Original Girl shirts are given on Sunday and need to be worn for volleyball on Tuesday)

Radio projects:

The face of broadcast media has changed however the major corporations have failed in reflecting those changes. 143 million people listen to radio online. For too long the media has spoken to a narrow segment of society. Talk radio in particular needs NEW voices, NEW faces, and a better representation of the people. The future is here and so is “The Power of Voices” (

I have brought together some of the most brilliant minds in radio, broadcast journalism and web based TV to provide the “Power of Voice” to the general public. We are training, teaching, and providing access to the future of broadcasting! From non-profits to Tween Talkers we are giving “real radio” to communities across the country.

We are creating the first ever radio station for Active Military, Veterans and their families providing 24/7 information, resources and voices that matter to our military and their families. ( launches in 2017) We will train veterans to run/program this first of its kind radio station.

We are currently cultivating talk show voices that reflect society. With shows like Mondays With Wallace, Dr. Rachel, The Comedy Hour, The Josefa Salinas Show, Womens Wealth, Girl Talk, Straight From the Streets and more, we are providing a radio experience that directly reflects a professional broadcast experience with all the segments corporate radio has forgotten. Radio professionals with over 200 years of radio experience teaching, developing, and advising the voices of the people. (

We are also grooming new music radio DJ’s by bringing them into our music station and creating an environment to learn all aspects of radio from sales, promotion, marketing and On Air!(

The future of communication is here. The smart phone is the tool over 73% of the people use for communication and information worldwide. We will take “The Power of Voice” around the world and set up mini radio stations to connect communities and people globally.

Knowledge is Power. Add The Power of Voice and people become unstoppable. The dream is alive and thriving. Let us show you the future of this dream.

Film projects:


“What does it take to be a man in the 21st century?”

In search of the answer, a mother, her son, and a small, professional film crew will cross the country and travel the world over an 8-week period. “The Making of a Man,” also referred to as “MOAM,” will gather wisdom, advice, and first-person experiences from men of various ages, cultures and creeds to collectively explore the makings of a young man, growing up in today’s world. MOAM will also hear from young men, to understand the world from their perspective.